The complete new Hino 300-Series

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The new Hino 300 series trucks offers 12 models in the range of which seven models are fitted with automatic transmission - three of these being crew cabs.

"Two of the 614 models have a five-speed manual transmission, albeit a new model gearbox with revised ratios, while the other manual gearbox models now have six speeds," said Hino.

All Hino 300 series trucks are powered by a four-cylinder, four-litre turbocharged diesel engine producing between 78kW and 116kW depending on the model configuration.

"Both the 614 models, with a 5,5-ton GVM, and 714 range, with a 6,5-ton GVM, have short- and long-wheelbase manual transmission derivatives as well as short wheelbase automatics."

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The 816 models (GVM of 7,5 tons) are short wheelbase and the 916 models (GVM of 8,5 tons) are long wheelbase. Both the latter offer one model with an automatic and one with a six-speed manual.

The range is completed with the fuel efficient crew cab models - 714, 816 and 916.

"The availability of automatic transmission on the 916 models has been welcomed by many operators who had requested this specification," commented Hino SA vice president, Ernie Trautmann.

Source: MotorPress

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