Traton and Hino team-up on truck electrification

Through the strategic partnership, the OEMs will share technology and capabilities to develop electric and fuel cell electric vehicles.

Source: Fleet Owner

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Traton SE and Hino Motors have signed a joint venture agreement for e-mobility in order to bring battery-electric and fuel cell electric vehicles to customers. Talks began in 2018 and both companies have agreed to explore each other's capabilities and investigate further possibilities to collaborate in other future fields of technology.

The German-based Traton, the commercial vehicle subsidiary of Volkswagen, and Japan-based Hino, part of the Toyota Group, will combine their experience and resources to develop common EV platforms including software and interfaces.

They will form a team of advanced specialists from both companies and launch activities first in Södertälje, Sweden and then later in Tokyo. This is expected to shorten lead times for future e-mobility products with battery and fuel cell technology. The two companies are convinced that both technologies will be needed in the future.

"I am delighted that we can follow our procurement joint venture and further embodying our synergy with Traton in e-mobility, helping to reduce global CO2 emissions and fighting global warming," said Yoshio Shimo, president & CEO of Hino Motors. "We will combine our strengths as leading commercial vehicle manufacturers to offer EVs with the highest value for customers, through joint planning of commercial EVs."

"Traton's mission is to carefully balance the interests of people, planet and performance. This new joint venture with our strong partner Hino is the next important step in electrification, pushing our mission further ahead," said Traton CEO Matthias Gründler, who noted Traton plans to invest EUR1 billion by 2025 in electrification through its MAN, Scania and Volkswagen Caminhões e Ōnibus brands.

Traton recently struck a deal with Navistar International Corp. to acquire the U.S. truck maker for $3.7 billion. Navistar is currently developing its own electric truck, the medium-duty eMV Series and created a division called NEXT eMobility Solutions to better manufacture EVs.

In early October, Hino launched Project Z to develop Classes 4-8 zero-emission trucks. Hino and Toyota Motor North America are also working on a fuel-cell version of Class 8 Hino XL Series.

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Hino's Project Z includes developing the Class 5 Hino M5 chassis featuring a SEA Electric SEA-Drive 120a; a battery-electric Class 7 tractor with Hexagon Purus' full electric drive system; and a Hino XL Series Class 8 box truck powered by Xos Trucks' X-Pack battery and electric drive system. Photo: Hino Motors

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